PNP joins call for authorities to expedite probes into Donna-lee Donaldson’s disappearance

The People’s National Party (PNP) has joined in the call for the authorities to expedite the investigations into the disappearance of social media influencer Donna-Lee Donaldson.
Ms Donaldson has been missing since July 11.


Two members of the Constabulary are being investigated in relation to her disappearance.


A high-level probe has been launched.


In a statement today (July 26), the PNP said Ms Donaldson’s family, friends, and the entire nation have been left with more questions than answers about her whereabouts.


The Party is calling on INDECOM to be vigilant in its statutory responsibility to ensure probity, and that they leave no stone unturned.


Speaking in an interview with IRIE F-M news, PNP’s General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell called for full transparency in the investigations.


The PNP is encouraging anyone with information on Donaldson’s disappearance to contact the JCF or INDECOM while noting that it stands with the family in their efforts to find justice.


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