PNP expresses appreciation to Lisa Hanna for serving as MP

The People’s National Party (PNP) has expressed appreciation to Lisa Hanna, for serving nearly 4 terms as member of parliament for South East St. Ann.

This in response to Ms. Hannas indication on Tuesday, that she will not be seeking re election in the next general election.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, party president Mark Golding noted, that Ms. Hanna has committed to serving her constituency through to the end of her current term. 

The party president also expressed appreciation to  Ms. Hanna, for her willingness to continue serving as the opposition spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, as well as for her continued commitment to the PNP.

Mr. Golding said Ms. Hanna’s commitment to Jamaica remains an inspiration to the youth, and those looking to enter representational politics.

He said he is looking forward to continue working with Ms. Hanna on areas in which she is passionate and has achieved significant results.

Mr. Golding said the party will work closely with the executive of South East St. Ann, to arrange a suitable occasion to honour Ms. Hanna and show appreciation for the tremendous work she has done. 

He noted that representational politics is a labour of love, and that Ms. Hanna has given her best in service to her country.

Mr. Golding called on Jamaicans to join in thanking Ms. Hanna for her service, and wished for her success in future endeavours.


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