PNP demands that Holness removes MP Warmington from cabinet following viral video

The Opposition People’s National Party has demanded that Prime Minister Andrew Holness immediately removes Member of Parliament Everald Warmington from the Cabinet.

This after Mr. Warmington, who is Minister with Responsibility for Works, suggested that he would not allow the PNP’s Kurt Waul to spend funds from the Ministry, despite him winning the councillor seat for the Old Harbour South Division.

Waul beat the JLP’s Lloyd Grant in Monday’s Local Government polls.

In a statement today reacting to Mr. Warmington’s comments, the PNP said it is alarmed by his undemocratic plan to manipulate Government funding, bypassing the people’s will.

It noted that Mr. Warmington’s behaviour contradicts the principles of fair governance and insults taxpayers.

The PNP said this is a crucial test for the Prime Minister’s commitment to accountability, as it suggested that failure to remove Mr. Warmington will be seen as a breach of trust.

Meanwhile, PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell has described Mr. Warmington’s comments as unlawful.

He said Mr. Warmington’s conduct should be frowned upon by the public.

The PNP has called on Mr. Warmington to fully withdraw the comments and commit to not interfering in the democratic process.


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