PNP Councillor Ainsley Parkins shot and killed in Portmore this morning

Councillor for the Southborough Division in Portmore, St Catherine the People’s National Party’s (PNP) Ainsley Parkins was gunned down on Laurel Road in the Division this morning (July 20).


The police’s Communications Unit said Parkins was shot and killed around 10 AM.


In a statement, the PNP expressed sadness and shock at the news of Mr Parkins’ murder.


The party said at the time of the shooting, Parkins was on duty, conducting assessments of a project he was passionately undertaking for the betterment of the community he loved and served.


The Party condemned the act of violence against its fellow member and called on law enforcement agencies to conduct a swift, thorough, and impartial investigation.


The PNP said it will closely follow the case’s developments and appealed to the public to provide any information that may assist the authorities in their pursuit of justice.


In May last year, Jamaica Labour Party Councillor-Caretaker for the Division Lennox Hines was gunned down on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston.


The police are investigating both incidents.


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