PNP blasts MP Juliet Holness over comments about living conditions of PNP supporters

The opposition, People’s National Party, PNP, has blasted government Member of Parliament, Juliet Holness, for comments she made about the living conditions of some PNP supporters.

Speaking at a Jamaica Labour Party divisional meeting on Sunday, Mrs. Holness suggested that many PNP supporters are living in deplorable conditions, characterized by garbage, and flooding, among other things.

In a twitter post on Monday, opposition leader Mark Golding, said the problem of vulnerable Jamaicans living in places, where they are exposed to environmental dangers, is not limited to supporters of any political party.

And PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell, in a release, said Mrs. Holness’ statement, not only offends PNP supporters, but other Jamaicans.

He said given Mrs. Holness’ position as a government member of parliament, and her proximity to the prime minister, the p-n-p is disturbed by her statements.

Dr. Campbell said residents who live in deplorable conditions, are not confined to any single party, and it serves no useful purpose to label them.

He noted that Mrs. Holness’ comments were a direct attack on some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens, who have been forced to live in undesirable conditions, due to the lack of proper housing solutions.

The PNP General Secretary said Mrs. Holness should apologise for her statements.

He said the focus should instead, be placed, on addressing the poor living conditions of many Jamaicans.


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