PM Holness tours Gregory Park following uptick in violence at the weekend

As crime and violence continue to plague Gregory Park, in St. Catherine, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and several officials, embarked on a tour of the community this morning.

Among the touring party were Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson and Member of Parliament for East Central St. Catherine, Alando Terrelonge.

The tour follows the recent burning of several homes by alleged arsonists, and the killing of a taxi operator from the community. Over 40 residents have been left homeless.

The government, with the help of several local businesses, has handed out care packages to the affected community members.

Meanwhile, the St. Catherine South police have listed 13 people as wanted for questioning, in connection with the series of violent incidents in Gregory Park.

Wanted are Ian Watson otherwise called ‘Scaley’, Shane Williams otherwise called ‘Gaza Tussain’, Odane Fowler otherwise called ‘Packchow’, Ryan Muir otherwise called ‘Titiman’, Miguel Tracey otherwise called ‘Ears’ and men known by the aliases ‘Teacha’, ‘Venom’, ‘Birch’, ‘Nigel McLarty’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Maverick’, ‘Poo’ and ‘Pick Pocket’.

The police say the persons are wanted for questioning in relation to recent activities that have disturbed normalcy in the community.

The men are urged to turn themselves in to any police station in the division.

Meantime, the St. Catherine South police are reassuring the public that all information will be handled with utmost confidentiality, as it encourages community members, to continue to work-closely with law enforcement, to ensure safety and justice in the area.


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