PM Holness says UN Mission in Haiti given 30 days to develop security plan to address gang violence

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the United Nations’ Mission in Haiti has been given 30 days to develop a security plan to address gang violence in the crisis-torn Caribbean nation.


Mr Holness was speaking today (July 17), at the EU-Caribbean leaders meeting, in Brussels Belgium.


Noting that the meeting allows for the discussion of ways to address challenges, Mr Holness spoke on the situation facing Haiti.


He highlighted the depth of the crisis, which has been further compounded by natural disasters and existing political and economic turmoil.


Mr Holness also pointed to the debilitating impacts of gang violence in Haiti.


He said the United Nations’ team stationed in the country has 30 days to develop a strategy to address the security problem.

Mr Holness reiterated the need for European Union member countries to play a more active role in providing the technical and financial support needed to ensure that the security plan comes to fruition.




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