PM Holness says census will identify those in genuine need of new homes

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has stated that the national census to be undertaken later this year, will aid government in identifying persons in genuine need of new homes.

Mr Holness acknowledged that, while there are hundreds of needy Jamaicans, who have reached out, seeking help to get a new home, with improved living conditions, there are some who abuse the system.

He chastised persons who have used the system to get homes, that they later put up for rent.

The prime minister noted that needy persons, such as Delano Tucker and his family, from Guys Hill, in St Catherine, are deserving of a new home, and this has been made possible, through the social housing programme.

The Tucker family came to national attention some months ago when an appeal video went viral on social media.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony yesterday, Mr Holness noted that the government has to be fair in its assessment of persons seeking help.

Mr Holness assured that other needy persons will get help soon.

He said the national census will facilitate proper planning and response to citizens needs.


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