Holness cautions public servants against exerting pressure on gov’t about their compensation, warning it could collapse the fiscal system

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has cautioned public servants against exerting pressure on the government, as it relates to their compensation, noting that it could collapse the fiscal system.

The statement comes amidst unrest and heightened agitation by civil servants over outstanding matters related to the government’s compensation review and wage anomalies.

The unions representing the workers on Friday issued a 10-day ultimatum to Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, demanding that their concerns be addressed.

Reacting to the situation, while speaking at the University of Technology (UTECH) on Wednesday night, the Prime Minister noted that in 2021, Jamaica’s wage bill was $241.75 billion.

He said in 2022, it increased by 39% to $338.13 billion, and in 2023, it increased further by $66 billion to $404 billion.

Mr. Holness reiterated that while government is committed to doing more, productivity must be increased, to facilitate meeting fiscal demands.


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