PM explains why many Jamaicans not offered waivers when trying to get donated items into country

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has sought to explain why many Jamaicans are not offered waivers when trying to get donated items into the country.

The call for waivers was again brought to the fore during the Let’s Connect with Ambassador Audrey Marks Virtual Forum on Wednesday.

Among the concerns is that Jamaicans abroad are often required to fork out exorbitant amounts of money to facilitate the importation of donated items.

This, despite contributors not paying any funds to source them.

Responding to the concerns, Prime Minister Holness explained that only 10 million Jamaican dollars is available for waivers each month, and this is part of a system aimed at capturing all Jamaica’s public revenue.

Mr Holness noted, however, that as efforts continue to secure Jamaica’s economic independence, the Government will make more considerations.

He pointed to the recent announcement that there will be an increase in the duty-free threshold for the importation of small custom goods.


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