PM announces extensive back-to-school programme

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced, that the government will be embarking, on an extensive backtoschoolprogramme, for the upcoming new school year.

Mr. Holness made the announcement, while speaking at a Jamaica Labour Party, Central Executive Committee Meeting, yesterday (July 17).

He made the remarks, as he highlighted the issues facing the country, including high cost of living and soaring oil prices.

Mr. Holness said, one of the greatest issues that citizens will face, will be the cost of back to school.

As such, he said the government will be working to assist parents and students with back to school supplies.

Noting the government’s efforts in ensuring a smooth back to school operation, the prime minister stressed the importance of having a no tuition policy.

The no-tuition policy ensures, that students are not turned away from school, because of unpaid tuition fees.

Prime Minister Holness, while encouraging parents not to abuse the policy, gave the assurance, that no student will be prevented, from attending classes, due to lack of school fees.


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