PM Andrew Holness tours sections of St Andrew South affected by violence in recent days

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is assuring residents in sections of the St. Andrew South police division who have been affected by violence in recent days that all the necessary security measures will be implemented for their safety.


Mr. Holness, accompanied by National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, and Police Commissioner Antony Anderson walked sections of the Olympic Gardens community this afternoon (September 7).


Mr. Holness said in the last three days, the area has been affected by gruesome murders. Six persons were killed in what police consider to be a gang-related incident.


Mr. Holness noted that the residents are fearful.



The Prime Minister stated that the authorities will ensure that the necessary resources are brought in, to deal with the gang conflict.


He added that the immediate concern of residents is their ability to go about their business without being caught up in random gang-related shootings.



Meanwhile, Head of the St. Andrew South police, Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts says his team is working to identify and dismantle the warring gangs, whose activities led to an upsurge in violence in the division recently.


Two shooting incidents in the Waterhouse and Olympic Gardens communities yesterday left four people dead.


The deceased are 39-year-old Andy Christian, a contractor of Vermont Avenue, Kingston 19; 24-year-old Maurice Stephens, otherwise called ‘Bigga’, a clerk, of Rhoden Crescent; as well as, Andre Clarke and Jermaine Morgan, both of Kingston.


Their deaths have increased to 6, the number of gruesome gang-related murders committed in the area, over the last three days


A curfew imposed in both communities will continue up to Thursday, at 8 PM.


In providing an update on the situation in the area, SSP Ricketts told IRIE FM News that the communities are still tense, but the police have increased their efforts to ensure peace.



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