PM Andrew Holness says his administration has significantly increased manpower in the security forces

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has hit back at comments, calling for the government to increase law enforcement numbers by expanding the security forces.


Opposition Spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting is among those, who have called for more boots on the ground, to tackle the country’s crime problem.


Mr. Bunting also attributed the decline in the murder rate, to the joint police/military initiative ‘Operation Relentless II’, launched in September, last year.


He suggested that the decline in murders, coincided with the operation which ensured that there were more resources to tackle known criminal hot spots.


It was against this background, that he reiterated the need for more manpower in law enforcement.


Speaking yesterday during a national security seminar, the Prime Minister maintained, that the security forces, have expanded significantly, under his administration.



Mr. Holness said it was through the expansion of the security forces, that security coverage was provided for major shows and events held in the country.


He also cited the security forces’ role in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.






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