Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica urges citizens who rely on Pethidine tablets to seek alternative medications

The Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica (PSJ) is encouraging citizens who rely on Pethidine tablets to relieve their pain to seek alternative medications.


This, in light of a reported concern, especially among members of the sickle cell community, that there is difficulty accessing Pethidine in the country.


PSJ President, Dr Tyrone Smith said although some Jamaicans have relied on Pethidine for pain alleviation, this does not mean other effective pain medications are not available.


He recommended morphine as an option.

In the meantime, Dr Smith said the PSJ has been concerned about the misuse and abuse of Pethidine tablets, as it is a synthetic opioid substance with high addiction potential.


This concern is also shared by Health and Wellness Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, who tweeted yesterday (July 3), that Pethidine is being discouraged or restricted by health officials.


However, Dr Smith told IRIE FM news that he was unclear if Pethidine’s reported scarcity in the country had to do with its addictive potential.



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