Persons rescued from cars stuck in flood waters in St. Thomas, now stranded at community centre they were taken to

The St Thomas Municipal Corporation and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) are now in a race against time and poor weather to make another attempt to remove some just rescued flood victims from the community centre they were taken to.

Earlier today, 24 persons who were stranded in Amity Hall were airlifted by the JDF to the centre, in Wheelersfiled.

However, the centre which is not a designated emergency shelter, does not have the facilities for housing displaced residents and is now under threat of being flooded.

Mayor of Morant Bay, Hubert Williams told IRIE FM news that there was some miscommunication about where the persons should have been taken.

He said the JDF attempted to remove the persons earlier this afternoon but the mission had to be aborted due to deteriorating weather.

He said while they await another rescue attempt, representatives of the Corporation are on standby to try and get supplies to the trapped persons.


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