Partial or full access restored to all roadways in the western region; 30 roads still blocked across the island

The National Works Agency (NWA) says motorists can now move more freely through western parishes as some degree of access has been restored to impacted roadways in the region.

Several roads in St. James, Westmoreland, Hanover, and Trelawny were damaged or blocked following the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

In an update this morning, Community Relations Officer for the Western Region, Janel Ricketts said NWA teams were progressing with road accessibility efforts.

She noted that major corridors now have single-lane access.

When asked for an estimated timeline, Ms. Ricketts said the teams’ priority is to ensure access, even if it is limited to single-lane access at the moment.

She stressed, however, that the NWA is working assiduously to get things back to normal soon. 

Meantime, the NWA has indicated that a total of thirty roads across the island remain blocked.

Portland, St. James and St. Catherine each has 1 road blocked, two roads are blocked in Manchester, 3 in St. Elizabeth, 4 in St. Thomas and St. Andrew and Hanover each has 6 roads blocked.


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