Paris Hilton in Jamaica lobbying for return of American boys, following allegations of abuse

American media personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton says she is outraged that it has taken so long to return seven American boys to the United States.

Ms. Hilton is in Jamaica to support the teenage boys who are now in the custody of the  Child Protection and Family Services Agency, CPFSA, following allegations of abuse.

The boys were residing at the Atlantis Leadership Academy in St. Elizabeth.

The CPFSA reported earlier that during a visit, signs of abuse and neglect were observed, leading to the removal of the teens from the facility, for their safety, in February.

It’s reported that the school caters to teenagers who are struggling with substance abuse, anxiety disorders and defiant behaviour.

Ms. Hilton told a press conference Wednesday that she is a survivor of the troubled teen industry and  is horrified by the allegations of abuse made by the American boys.

She said there is nothing the children could have done to deserve the treatment it’s alleged they received.

Ms. Hilton said when she was notified of the unfolding situation she knew she had to take action. 

She noted there are risks to placing children abroad.


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