Paris 2024 Torch Relays will make Olympics historic

History will be made at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as the Paris 2024 Torch Relays will feature the innovation of being conducted by teams to symbolize the energy of sports and teamwork.

From the anticipated opening celebration with the largest number of people enjoying it alongside participating athletes, held for the first time outside of a closed stadium, to the formation of teams of 24 individuals who will carry the torch in both the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays.

Each team will consist of 24 individuals, including champions, athletes, volunteers, referees, coaches, and many others associated with the 34 Olympic and Paralympic federations whose sports are part of the Summer Games program. Additionally, the Tahiti Surf Federation (which will host the Surf events) will be represented. A total of 69 team relays will take place during the Olympic Torch Relay. Each day of the Torch Relay will feature one or two team relays, embodying the individuals who participate in and live for sports. The goal is also to raise awareness about Paralympic sports.

For the Paralympic Torch Relay, six teams will be organized with the support of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, each based on themes related to the Paralympic Movement.

During each team relay, the public will be invited to share moments of camaraderie, emotion, and sportsmanship, experiencing the values of sharing and teamwork cherished by the world of sports and the Games. Team relays in the Paris 2024 Torch Relays will take place in various spectacular locations.

Among the sites and individuals participating in the relays, Sisteron’s Rock will become a new stage for the Climbing Federation, Compi├Ęgne Castle Park a perfect venue for Archery Federation archers, and the streets of Troyes and Bagnolet outdoor dance floors. The fencing relay team at Lascaux IV and the spectacle of golfers in Guyancourt also promise to be remarkable.


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