Parents Alliance Jamaica amplifies call for review of safety and security protocols across State schools

Yesterday’s health scare at the Ocho Rios Primary School in St. Ann has rehashed concern over safety and security protocols at State schools.

Over 60 students from the Ocho Rios Primary were rushed to the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital after they reportedly consumed drug-infused sweets.

The sweets were reportedly bought from a vendor who is not known to them.

The hunt is on for the vendor.

The students, five of whom were kept overnight at hospital for observation, will be closely monitored by the National Council on Drug Abuse for psychological effects.

The incident has gained international attention, with major news networks, such as the BBC and CNN publishing articles.

In light of the situation, Parents Alliance Jamaica has amplified its call for a review of safety and security protocols across all State schools.

The Alliance’s Chairman, Bishop Herro-Verne Blair says more needs to be done to better monitor and manage the parameters of State schools.

He also notes that efforts must be made to monitor the items sold to students.

Bishop Blair says he is aware of ganja sweets and cakes affecting Jamaica’s children over the past five years, adding that the incident at the Ocho Rios Primary School is indicative of how the situation has been allowed to fester.


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