Paralympic Movement founder would have been amazed at it’s growth – great grand daughter.

Founder of the Paralympic Movement Sir Ludwig Guttmann, would have not been surprised, but would be over the moon had he been alive to see its exponential growth globally.

That’s the word of Emilia Peters, the great grand daughter of the former Jewish Neurosurgeon who paid a courtesy visit to Jamaica recently.

The Paralympics was developed after Sir Guttmann organized a sports competition for disabled British World War II veterans in England in 1948.

Peters pointed out that upon the time of his passing in 1980 at the age of 81 years old, Guttmamn was amazed at the growth of the Paralympic movement.

Peters added that he would have been happy at the spread of the games globally and how its has evolved.

Peters spoke on her recent trip to Jamaica where she also met with President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association Christopher Samuda.

Peters said sports plays a major role in helping persons who become disabled to change their mindset.

As of the early 21st century, The Paralympics is one of the largest international sporting events, with 4,520 athletes from 163 National Paralympic Committees at the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

The Paralympic Games are organized in parallel with and in a similar way to the Olympic Games

Meantime, Jamaican competitors have won a total of 54 Paralympic medals: 20 gold, 16 silver and 18 bronze.

This puts it in 44th place on the all-time Paralympic Games medal table.


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