PAJ calls on Dr. Dayton Campbell to retract harmful statements

The Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ is calling on Peoples National Party General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell to retract what it describes as harmful statements.

Dr. Campbell referred to Nationwide News Network as an “incubator for the Jamaica Labour Party”.

He was speaking at the PNP’s East Central St Andrew constituency conference on Sunday.

The PAJ says it unequivocally condemns the remarks, which are are not only irresponsible, but also dangerous.

Its calling for the promotion of an environment where journalists can work free from fear of reprisal.

The group adds that for decades journalists from all media organizations have moved from journalism to work with the government and statutory agencies or in the private sector.

It states that such remarks coming from a prominent political figure, have the potential to place Nationwide journalists at risk of attacks by political activists and party supporters.

The PAJ is also reminding political leaders that the safety of journalists is paramount to the preservation of democracy.

It notes that as the country approaches the campaign season for national elections, politicians on both sides of the aisle should exercise caution and be responsible in their rhetoric.


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