Overseas Examination Commission confirms that it is investigating allegations of C-SEC breaches at Steer Town Academy in St. Ann

The Overseas Examination Commission (OEC) has confirmed that it is investigating allegations of breaches in last year’s sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations at the Steer Town Academy in St. Ann.


In a statement today (January 6), the OEC said the integrity and fairness of the sitting of its examinations are paramount and it takes any allegation of actions that seek to undermine same seriously.


Chairman of the OEC, Brian Bennett-Easy said following consultations with the Ministry of Education, he has instructed the Commission to initiate the relevant protocols to investigate the allegations.


He said as this is an open investigation, the Commission is unable to disclose information that could potentially undermine its efforts.


The OEC has asked for patience, as it allows the relevant parties to participate in the process and bring the matter to closure in the shortest possible time.


It said the matter is being treated with priority and has committed to keeping the public informed of relevant details as they arise.


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