Over 5000 residents in East Central St James to see improved water supply

Over 5,000 residents of communities in East Central St. James, will see improvements to their water supply.

This, following the execution of a $169 million project by Rural Water Supply Limited and the National Water Commission (NWC).

The project is phase 1 of the Canaan-Adelphi water supply system, which is being upgraded by the NWC to improve supply to the areas.

Water minister, Matthew Samuda, commissioned the first phase of the project last week.

It involved the construction of a 300, 000 gallon tank at Cedar Hill; the installation of three new pumps at the Canaan deep-well site; and the installation of 500 meters of 400 mm pipeline, from the old tank site to the new tank site, in Cedar Hill by Rural Water Supply Limited.

Mr Samuda said the commissioning of the project is another symbol of the government’s commitment to make the investments necessary to improve the lives of citizens.


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