Opposition warns that Hanover and Westmoreland water woes will impact tourism

Opposition Spokesperson on Tourism, Senator Janice Allen, has warned that the water woes plaguing Hanover and Westmoreland will only serve to drive away key tourism players from the parishes.

According to Senator Allen, hotel operators have had to spend thousands of dollars each month to truck water.

She also noted that several owners of villas are making plans to relocate their properties due to inconsistent access or a complete lack of water supply.

While she is aware that the Government is taking steps to address the water issue, Senator Allen said more long-term measures must be implemented to serve citizens and the tourism sector better.

Last month the Government assured that it was taking several steps to alleviate the water shortage in the parishes.

These include an additional $25 million to facilitate the trucking of water, the purchasing of 2000 black water tanks for citizens who are most in need, and updating the Great River Water System in Hanover, as well as several others in Westmoreland.

The Government is to also undertake $70 million worth of pipework in the areas, starting later this year.

Meanwhile, the National Water Commission plans to transfer water from the Great River System into Green Island and Lucea to minimize the need to distribute water from the Logwood Treatment Plant, which has been depleted.


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