Opposition urges Health Ministry to disclose details of its contract with Phoenix Partnership for digitization of electronic health records

Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Alfred Dawes is urging the Health and Wellness Ministry to provide the details of its contract with the Phoenix Partnership (TPP) for the digitization of electronic health records.

According to Dr. Dawes, the need for transparency has been heightened due to recent events involving TPP’s owner, Frank Hester, who has been embroiled in controversy, following allegations of racially abusive remarks directed at the United Kingdom’s member of parliament, Diane Abbott, whose parents are of Jamaican descent.

Noting that the situation has sparked condemnation and demands for accountability in the UK, Dr. Dawes said Jamaica cannot allow its proud history of fighting against oppression to be tainted.

In addition to the moral objections, Dr. Dawes also pointed to concerns surrounding the procurement process of the TPP contract.

He emphasized the urgent need for the Ministry to address both the moral and financial aspects of this issue.

He said the lack of transparency and accountability is unacceptable, especially considering the scrutiny from the international community and Jamaican taxpayers.


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