Opposition urges Health Ministry to act swiftly and comprehensively to address root causes of workers’ concerns

The Opposition is urging the Health Ministry to act swiftly and comprehensively to address the root causes of workers’ concerns and ensure continued delivery of quality service.

Spokesman on Health and Wellness, Dr. Alfred Dawes says the Government should practice active listening in the negotiating process, as several public sector workers continue to register concerns relating to the compensation review.

His comment follows recent industrial action by laboratory technicians and nurses, which he says, revealed systemic issues within the Ministry.

Dr. Dawes says the state of affairs in the healthcare system is alarming.

He suggests that the Ministry should listen carefully to the grievances of workers, with a view of improving their situation.

He laments that in many cases, the negotiation process is characterized by a perceived lack of responsiveness, which can lead to agitation among employees.

Dr. Dawes also points to the disparities among medical doctors, stating that senior doctors have become restive, as they are being paid less than their junior counterparts.


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