Opposition says ruling of Integrity Commission does not exonerate Holness

In light of the explanation given by the Integrity Commission regarding its decision not to simultaneously table the report on the Prime Minister, and its ruling on the report, the Opposition People’s National Party has maintained that the contents of the report, remain a serious cause for concern.


The party said the serious conflict of interest and cronyism inherent in the findings that Andrew Holness referred his close associate’s company for contracts funded by public resources have not been refuted, neither has his admitted participation in the scheme to retroactively make his close associate, the contracting party for Christmas work, which had already been done.


The opposition explained that the Director of Corruption Prosecution has found that there was not enough evidence to mount a successful criminal prosecution.


However, this is very different from exoneration.


Spokesperson on Justice Senator Donna Scott Mottley noted that the ruling that no criminal charge will be laid against the Prime Minister, it does not mean that he cannot be morally impugned.




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