Opposition renews call to chair parliament’s economy and production committee

There is a renewed call for the opposition to chair parliament’s economy and production committee, to among other things ensure transparency in the pricing of fuel.

Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell says there are questions to be answered as according to him, the portfolio is being mismanaged.

In noting that the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS is to appear before cabinet on Monday to report on a number of concerns, Mr. Paulwell says, had the opposition been in charge of that committee both JPS and Petrojam would be facing the parliamentary committee.

He cites the cost of diesel and kerosene saying its a shame, how much the prices had gone up.

Energy Minister Daryl Vaz last week expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of long-standing customer satisfaction issues by JPS.

These include, lengthy delays in adding new customers to the grid, and persistent and unscheduled power outages.

The minister said the increased costs to the local economy and the severe inconvenience and losses being experienced by customers due to a lack of electricity, is unacceptable.


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