Opposition raises concern about public sector compensation system

Opposition spokesman on finance, Julian Robinson, has raised concern about the public sector compensation review, citing anxiety among workers, due to inadequate information, and uncertainty over the implementation process.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Robinson noted comments by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, about there being no room in the budget, for the upcoming fiscal year for payments slated, for the current fiscal year.

Mr. Robinson said the workers have questions, that have not been satisfactorily answered.

In response, Dr. Clarke acknowledged the concerns, pointing out that part of the issue, arises from differing views, on the matter of premiums paid to some groups.

Dr. Clarke said it may be time, for the ministry to engage directly with workers.

The ministry is seeking to finalise agreements with all groups in the public service, before this fiscal year ends on march 31, as the salary payments for 2023/2024, will not be accommodated in the budget, for the next fiscal year.


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