Opposition Leader Mark Golding says he will only retain 20% of salary increase approved for his Office

President of the People’s National Party, Mark Golding says he will only retain 20 per cent of the salary increase approved for the Leader of the Opposition.


Mr Golding made the announcement at a press conference a short while ago (May 19), in response to the Government’s announced salary increase for Parliamentarians, even as there continues to be growing outrage over the issue.


Effective April 2024, the Prime Minister will receive just over 28 million dollars annually for his salary.


Meanwhile, the Opposition leader and the Deputy Prime Minister will both receive over 25 million dollars annually.


Mr Golding says the bulk of the increase in his salary will be given to persons in need and other worthy causes.


He plans to do this until the grouses experienced by public sector workers are addressed.

The Opposition Leader adds that the increase approved for the Political Directorate would make Jamaican politicians the highest paid in the region.




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