Opposition leader Mark Golding reiterates call for House speaker Juliet Holness to withdraw offensive letter to the clerk

Opposition leader Mark Golding says the People’s National Party remains concerned that House speaker Juliet Holness has failed to withdraw a published letter to the clerk, despite widespread demands for her to do so. 

The letter sent to Ms. Valrie Curtis, in March reportedly claimed that certain actions of the clerk had brought the parliament into disrepute.

It has been criticized by stakeholders of several labour unions.

In a statement last evening, Mr. Golding noted that at the last sitting of parliament, the Opposition called for the withdrawal of this letter, which he said violates well-established public sector employment practices.

The opposition leader stated further that the letter amounts to nothing short of reprehensible mal-administration and an abuse of power.

He said the speaker’s refusal to retract the letter has deepened the breach of trust which was already seriously eroded by the irregular process concerning the two auditor general reports which preceded her issuing the letter. 


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