Opposition Leader chastises Gov’t for not making adequate preparations for release of Jamaica’s new currency

Opposition Leader Mark Golding has expressed concern about the delay in the introduction of Jamaica’s new banknotes.


This, after the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) said it was on track to meet the June 2023 completion timeline for the issuance of the notes, but that there will only be a partial issuance, as not all Automated Teller Machines are retrofitted to accept them.


Speaking on the matter in a video released this morning (May 29), the Opposition Leader chastised the Government for not making the necessary preparations in advance of the release of the new currency.

Mr Golding also questioned the Government’s thrust towards digital currency, noting that there has also been very little preparation of the society for this.

In a response on Twitter, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke said the Opposition Leader is grasping at straws, as the new banknotes will be in circulation on time, as previously announced.


He also denied that there is a digital currency mandate for Jamaica.


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