Opposition disappointed with $16M allocated to fisherfolk affected by Rio Cobre fish kill

The Opposition People’s National Party has expressed disappointment with the compensation allocated to the fisher folk who were negatively impacted by the fish kill in the Rio Cobre in the summer.

Opposition spokesperson on Environment, Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns made the statement, while commending the government for the detailed approach and the acceptance of the urgent need for multi-stakeholder consultation, to resolve these significant issues.

She noted that of all the categories of beneficiaries of the fund, the fisher folk are in greater need and suffered the largest percentage of reduction in the sum recommended and sum received.

Noting that the NRCA/NEPA and NIC received the full amount requested, Senator Frazer-Binns noted that the plight of the fisher folks and the loss to their livelihood are such that priority should be given to this category.

In the meantime, she said the opposition supports the intent of the minster to make provisions for additional social support for the residents and calls on the prime minster as the minster with responsibility, not to delay in this endeavour.

She said with the deadline for the completion of the effluent pond having passed from October 31, the opposition seeks confirmation, as to whether or not the pond has been completed and request that the government provides an immediate update of all closure plans for all industrial operations nationally.

Senator Frazer-Binns also insisted that in carrying out its monitoring and regulatory functions, NEPA should update the country periodically, on the progress of the closure plans and any new bonds by companies.


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