Opposition demands full and transparent investigation into the release of information about Golding by Cabinet Member Daryl Vaz

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is demanding a full and transparent investigation into the recent release of information about Opposition Leader Mark Golding by Cabinet member Daryl Vaz. 

Mr. Vaz released information in relation to the citizenship of Mr. Golding. 

Mr. Vaz also reportedly stated that ‘nothing is secret’ and that he received the information from within the PNP.

The Opposition has claimed that Mr. Vaz invaded the privacy of Mr. Golding.

In response to claims by the Opposition, newly minted Information Minister Senator Dr. Dana Morris Dixon said that Mr. Vaz did not breach Mr. Golding’s privacy. 

In a release last evening, Opposition Spokesperson on Information Nikeisha Burchell said that Dr. Morris Dixon’s dismissal of the privacy breach accusations, without any apparent comprehensive investigation, showcases a troubling inexperience.

Ms. Burchell said, the public needs to understand precisely how Mr. Vaz accessed sensitive information and whether government resources were misused. 

The release said her readiness to accept Minister Vaz’s explanations without question, while disregarding public concern, highlights a concerning lack of commitment to accountability within her ministry. 

It further noted that her defence of Minister Vaz, asserting that the compromised information came from an unnamed source within the PNP, lacks credibility and fails to relieve the government of its responsibilities to safeguard citizen data. 

The release said this incident significantly erodes trust in the government’s ability to manage and protect the sensitive data of its citizens.


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