Opposition decries 12 day mourning for Queen, citing no mourning for Jamaicans killed since this year

Opposition spokesman on National Security, Senator Peter Bunting has blasted the government for dedicating 12 days of mourning to Queen Elizabeth II, while, he says, there is no national mourning for the over 1,000 people killed in the country since the start of the year.

Following the Queen’s death last Thursday, the government announced a mourning period from September 8 to 19, with September 18 being the official day of mourning.

Speaking at the south St Andrew constituency conference on Sunday evening, Senator Bunting said Jamaica has dedicated more days to mourning the queen than the United Kingdom has.

He said it is disappointing that more attention is being paid to mourning the Queen than to issues affecting Jamaica.

He said he is embarrassed that Jamaica still has the British Monarch as head of state.

Mr. Bunting also reiterated the need for an apology from Britain, for its role in slavery and for reparations.


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