Opposition Spokesman concerned about the state of ICUs and HDUs in the public health sector

Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Alfred Dawes, has expressed concern about the lack of adequate intensive care units (ICUs) and high dependency units (HDUs) to cater to mothers and babies, who are deemed to be high risk. 

Dr. Dawes was reacting to reports of the death of a newborn baby at the May Pen hospital, in Clarendon, due to the unavailability of a ventilator.

The ventilator issue has triggered a public spat between Dr. Dawes, and Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton.

Speaking at a press briefing today Dr. Dawes described the situation as disturbing, given that the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) was implemented years ago, to address concerns related to high-risk pregnancies and births.

Dr. Dawes noted that through PROMAC, health facilities should have ICU and HDU, with ventilators, available. 

Dr. Dawes raised questions about some health facilities, that should have had these units in place.


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