Opposition concerned about impact of entertainment ban on businesses in St. Elizabeth

There is heightened concern that the imposition of a 30-day entertainment ban in six communities in St. Elizabeth will affect businesses, negatively and damper the festive spirit of residents. 

The ban follows the recent spate of murders in the parish.

In a letter to the parish’s Municipal Corporation yesterday, Head of the St. Elizabeth Police Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto outlined that events including dances, parties, round robins and drink-outs are prohibited in Goshen, Balaclava, Oxford, Union, Content and Elim.

However, Grand Market will be permitted on December 22, for Balaclava. 

The letter stated that the ban will be reviewed on January 8, 2024.

Reacting to the ban, People’s National Party Councillor for Balaclava, Everton Fisher says he understands that the police have to implement stringent measures to dissuade criminals. 

He notes, however, that it cannot be ignored that the ban will have serious economic and social impacts.

Councillor Fisher is appealing to persons in the parish to find better ways of dealing with their problems. 


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