Opposition calls on Govt to state exactly when teachers and other public servants will get March salary

The Opposition People’s National Party is calling on the Government to state definitively when teachers and other public servants will receive their salaries for this month.


This, as some civil servants across the country have become restive, after not receiving their salaries at the close of business day yesterday (March 24).


Opposition Spokesperson on Finance, Julian Robinson said it is unconscionable that persons have not received their salaries, especially since they have obligations to meet.


Mr Robinson also lamented that the civil servants are not aware of when they will be paid.

Noting that the non-payment of salaries will result in some people incurring late fees and penalties, Mr Robinson is urging the Government to cover the late fees of these civil servants.

Meantime, at least one educator has agreed that the Government should cover late fees and penalties incurred, due to the non-payment of this month’s salaries.

The St. Catherine teacher said she and her colleagues, barely have funds to run their households, or to get to work on Monday.





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