Opposition again calls on government to address job security concerns facing workers at PMSL

The Opposition People’s National Party is again calling on the government to take immediate action to address the job security concerns facing workers at the Ports Management and Security Limited (PMSL).

Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine Fitz Jackson said despite making significant contributions to the nation’s security, the workers find their future in limbo after months of seeking a resolution to their concerns. 

He expressed that although the Port Authority met with the workers on May 4 to discuss their concerns, no tangible progress has been made, as the intransigence of the customs department remains a major obstacle. 

The Opposition wants the Finance Minister to intervene.

Mr Jackson said with a termination date of June 30, 2024 looming, the customs department and the government appear to be deliberately ignoring the frustration and pleas of the PMSL workers. 

He said the Finance Minister and government must recognize that the well-being of these workers and their dependent families is at stake. 


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