Opposition calls for House Speaker Dalrymple-Philibert to resign, following damning report from Integrity Commission

The Opposition has called on House Speaker Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert to resign, pending the outcome of deliberations on the report from the Integrity Commission regarding false declaration.

When the report and ruling from the Commission was tabled in the Lower House yesterday (September 19), the Speaker referred the matter to the Integrity Commission Oversight and Ethics Committees.

Opposition Leader, Mark Golding rose to pose questions but was not allowed by the Speaker, resulting in all the Opposition Member of Parliaments walking out.

At a subsequent press briefing, Mr. Golding said it is untenable for Dalrymple-Philibert to continue as Speaker with a cloud of corruption hanging over her head.

Meantime, Spokesman Julian Robinson pointed out that it is improper for the Speaker to send the matter to the two stated Committees.

This, as the Oversight Committee has no authority on reports, and the Ethics Committee is Chaired by the Speaker.


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