Opposition calls for funding allocation for drain cleaning

The opposition is calling for the immediate allocation of funds for drain cleaning in all parishes.


Opposition spokesperson on local government Natalie Neita Garvey, said local government  minister Desmond McKenzie, should  provide all municipal corporations with adequate funding from the parochial revenue fund to clean drains and address other municipal infrastructure in the wake of flooding from hurricane Ian.


The country was battered by heavy rains starting Saturday, resulting in major flooding in some parishes up to yesterday.


Mrs. Neita Garvey said in July, the ministry asked the municipal corporations to establish a drain cleaning programme of $600,000 per division.


She said up to now, the project has not been funded.


The local government spokesperson added that the minister had declared that parishes were ready for the hurricane season, yet no allocation was made to municipal corporations ahead of the season.


Mrs. Neita Garvey said her survey of municipal corporations indicated that only two were able to do any cleaning, utilizing an emergency funds allocation.



She stated that the drain cleaning programme should have been funded by PRF allocations, set aside in June and September.


In calling on the minister to intervene immediately, Neita Garvey said it is important that the ministry provides the money promised in July, to assist the municipal corporations to conduct preventative work and put parishes in a better position, to manage the rest of the hurricane season.




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