Opposition calls for Attorney General and Justice Minister to resign over response to court ruling regarding the DPP

The opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is calling for the immediate resignation of Attorney General Dr. Derrick McKoy and the Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck.

This, following what the party says is the government’s confused response to Friday’s constitutional court ruling declaring that the second extension of the tenure of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, was unconstitutional.

The Attorney General in a statement on Friday said no order has been issued for the removal of the DPP from office and that the claimants had mis-interpreted the orders of the court.

But the PNP is adamant that they have not mis-interpreted the ruling and that the office of the DPP is now vacant.

In a statement, Leader of the Opposition Mark Golding said the objective is to ensure that the nation avoids the impending constitutional crisis, that could arise should there be no acting DPP in place by Monday morning.

He said there could be severe implications if the court’s ruling is ignored.

Mr. Golding lamented the absence of a Public Service Commission while noting that this could negatively impact the appointment of an acting DPP.

He urged the government to consider the gravity of the situation and to act in the best interest of Jamaica’s democratic principles and good governance.


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