Operations at the island’s courts back to normal following two days of industrial action by prosecutors

Operations at the island’s courts are back to normal.

This, following a two-day strike late last week by prosecutors employed to the Office of The Director of Prosecutions.

The workers were upset over the lack of response from the Government regarding concerns with wages and other matters.

The industrial action disrupted operations at several courts in at least seven parishes, resulting in cases being rescheduled.

Justice Minister Chuck told IRIE FM news on Saturday, that following discussions with the Director of Public Prosecutions, it was indicated that the prosecutors would return to work today (July 24).

The workers were also urged to refer their grouses to the recognized bargaining group – The Legal Officers Staff Association (LOSA) – which would direct those concerns to the Finance and Justice Ministries.

The protesters had referred to themselves as the “Concerned Prosecutors at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions”.

In response to the protests last week, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke indicated that the individuals are not the official lobby group.

Meantime, Director of Client Services and Communications at the Court Administration Division Kediesh Fletcher says the court reporters are on the job, despite claims that the group was restive.


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