Operations at FLA could be disrupted today as workers walked off the job yesterday

It’s not clear if the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA will operate today, after workers walked off the job, yesterday.

The FLA issued a statement Tuesday afternoon, indicating that the agency’s entire staff complement is on strike until further notice.

The workers are upset with the manner in which the Finance Ministry is handling issues relating to compensation. 

Attempts to reach FLA Chief Executive Officer Shane Dalling yesterday proved futile, so it’s not clear if management has put contingency measures in place.

When contacted  by Irie FM News last evening, at least 2 trade unions explained that neither union was aware of the plan to strike.  

It’s being theorised that because the majority of the f-la- staff is not unionised, the workers are acting on their own accord.

The workers say after months of negotiation with the Finance Ministry  regarding  compensation, the ministry has communicated that there will be no change in salaries. 

The FLA employees  say they view the ministry’s response as a blatant disregard for the workers’ rights to proper compensation. 

The workers add that they are  no longer interested in continuing these discussions and now seek the intervention of the government at the highest level.

If the strike is prolonged, this could negatively impact firearm holders, operators of ranges, hunters, and sporting groups that use guns.


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