One of three men charged in relation to killing of Phillip Paulwell’s daughter and her mother, pleads guilty

One of the three men charged in relation to the killing of Phillip Paulwell’s daughter and the child’s mother, pleaded guilty on Thursday in the Home Circuit Court.

10 month old Sarayah Paulwell and her mother 27-year-old Toshyna Patterson were abducted from their home in St Andrew, killed, and their bodies burnt in September.

The identity of the man is being withheld, reportedly for security and safety reasons.

The accused pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and two counts of kidnapping.

Justice Lorna Shelly Williams has remanded him for sentencing on November 15.

Four persons, including US naval officer Leoda Bradshaw are charged with the murders of Sarayah and Toshyna.

It’s alleged that Bradshaw conspired with the men to commit the murders, and paid out a half a million dollar contract for the act.


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