One brother found dead, another remains missing after jumping from ‘Jaws’ bridge in the USA

A Jamaican man is dead and his brother is missing, after jumping from a bridge in Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, in the United States, yesterday.


The brothers were in the US on the summer work and travel programme.


The body of Tavaris Bulgin was found around 9 this morning, however, his brother Tavaughn Bulgin is still missing.


A multi-agency search for Tavaugn which lasted some 14 hours has been suspended, pending any new development.


Reports from the US Coast Guard are that four people went missing on Sunday night. Two men, ages 27 and 21, were recovered uninjured.


The Coast Guard says nine co-workers jumped off the bridge, which is also known as Jaws Bridge because it was part of an important scene in the movie, filmed on the island.


Meanwhile, scores of family members, friends, and well-wishers, gathered at the home of the Bulgin brothers, in Palmers Cross, Clarendon today, mourning the loss of Tavaris, and praying that his brother will be found alive.


26-year-old Tavaris and his 21-year-old brother Tavaughn are the children of Pastor Keith Bulgin, who heads the Palmers Cross New Testament Church of God.


When IRIE FM News spoke to Reverend Roy Parkins, who is a spokesperson for the family, he said the church and the wider Palmers Cross community are devastated.



Reverend Parkins explained that the young men, who were university students, had been working at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, on the work and travel programme.


They would have returned to Jamaica, at the end of this month, or early September.



Reverend Parkins noted that both young men played key roles at the Palmers Cross New Testament Church, and were well loved in their community.



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