One arrested following Sunday’s robbery of security guards, another guard beaten in attempted robbery

One person has been taken into custody in relation to Sunday’s robbery and wounding of four beryllium limited security guards and a civilian in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Speaking to Irie Fm news on Tuesday morning, head of the St. Catherine South Police, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips confirmed that a suspect has been accosted.

While he did not give further details, he said investigations have intensified and the police are following strong leads.

At about 12:40 pm on Sunday the security guards were servicing a Scotia Bank Automated Teller Machine, when they were pounced upon by armed men who opened fire on them, and robbed them of $23 million.

During a shoot out, the four guards and the civilian were shot.

The gunmen then fled the scene.

The wounded guards and the civilian are being treated at hospital.

And, another security guard was wounded during the attempted robbery of an Automated Teller Machine, (ATM), in Mandeville, Manchester on Tuesday morning.

Reports are that about 2:00 A.M., the guard was on duty at a plaza on Manchester Road, when gunmen pounced upon him.

He was reportedly beaten in his face with a metal crowbar and then tied up.

The gunmen then dislodged the ATM but were unsuccessful in removing it from the premises.

The incident comes on the heels of Sunday’s robbery in Portmore, St. Catherine where four security guards attached to Beryllium Limited were shot and wounded, while servicing an ATM.


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