OIC warns about fraudulent website

Jamaicans are being urged to be vigilant about putting their personal data on any website, following reports of a fraudulent website purporting to be that of the Office of the Information Commissioner.

In a statement yesterday, the OIC noted that the office recently got reports that a website of offering to complete the online application and registration process as a data controller under the data protection act.

Registration for data controllers with the office is scheduled to begin on Friday December 1, by way of an online application on the official website.

Instructions on how to register as a data controller will be published in local media and on the official website, soon.

The registration of data controllers will coincide with the full implementation of the data protection act on December 1.

The OIC is imploring all persons and public authorities to be vigilant and to exercise caution before accessing any website or application to register data controllers prior to December 1.

It said it remains committed to ensuring the protection of citizens personal data and upholding data privacy rights; and is working to address the issue of the fraudulent website.

Citizens are being urged to report any suspicious activity so that the OIC can protect the community from online scamming.


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