ODPP says delayed ruling in SSL fraud case is due to outstanding documents

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, (ODPP) says it is not yet able to prepare a ruling in relation to the fraud case at Stocks and Securities Limited, (SSL).

This comes in the wake of criticism from opposition leader Mark Golding that the ODPP is dragging it’s feet, in relation to investigations into the matter.

In a release this afternoon, the ODPP noted that there are outstanding documents that have not yet been obtained from the Financial Investigations Divsion, (FID), which is probing the case.

It said the last set of documents received from the FID was on March 6, 2024 and thereafter a meeting was arranged for the end of March, to discuss all the materials submitted, thus far.

Despite this, it noted that continuous consultations have been taking place with the team, headed by a deputy director of public prosecutions, with the most recent meeting being held this week.

The ODPP said it is never advisable to prepare a ruling, especially in matters of this nature, based on an incomplete file.

The office stressed that its prosecutors and other staff are professionals and take their constitutional responsibilities very seriously.

It further noted that they reserve the right to independently make their assessments in a timely manner, depending on the circumstances and the availability of the evidentiary material.

The ODPP said therefore it looks forward to completing its ruling in this matter and communicating advice to the FID, which would subsequently communicate these findings to the public, at an appropriate time of their choosing, given the sensitivity of these investigations and the possible consequences of the advice.

The ODPP said though it understands and shares the concerns of all well thinking members of the public to hold criminal offenders to account in financial crimes, it cannot sacrifice accuracy and quality preparation on the altar of expediency.


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