OCA highlights need for focus on mental health after 3 y/o chopped to death by man of unsound mind in St. Mary

Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison has noted that the tragic incident in Pagee St. Mary, in which a 3 year old was chopped and killed and other persons wounded by a man of unsound mind, brings into focus, mental health challenges in Jamaica. 

It’s reported that 7 persons where chopped, including 3 year old Asha Campbell, who later died. 

Another child is among the wounded.

2 of the wounded remain hospitalised. 

Mrs. Gordon Harrison said the month of May which is celebrated annually as child month, has come to a painful close. 

She noted that since the start of the year, 9 children have died from shooting incidents, 3 by stabbing, and 2 under other tragic circumstances. 

This is a total of 14 deaths.

This number is increasing uncomfortably behind the staggering figure of 30 children who were killed last year. 

She said this is more than a cause for concern and has caused great unease. 


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